. . . And now my other cat hates me!

NaBrought Lola to the vet this morning. She wasn’t best pleased and did the cat equivalent of a “Fuck You” by turning her back on me and letting out a really nasty fart (all the more amazing as she hadn’t been allowed to eat since 8pm the previous night). I left her in the kind hands of the vet, and phoned later to be told that all had gone well, Lola was spayed, stitched and fed and could I pick her up? Home we went, opened the basket and Lola promptly shot out and hurled herself through the cat flap. For the rest of the day she has been sitting on the fence, with an evil look in her eye.

Ten minutes ago she suddenly went nuts and raced round the house, then bolted out the cat door again, but not before giving me the kind of look that a patriotic Frenchman would give a Nazi. I’ve heard that anaesthetic can send animals a bit nuts. Is this true or is she going to hate me forever? And she’s supposed to be kept in tonight but she refused to come anywhere near me. Oh dear. Suddenly, multiple pregnancies, sluttish cat behaviour, unwanted kittens, and even shaggging her brother doesn’t seem such a big deal right now . . .

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