Ways of making mothers look ridiculous Part 255

A friend passed this hideousity on to me today. Apparently available in NY – it’s a mum, or should I say, mom and baby snugglie. Ker-ist! It’s like Alien remade by Disney. All I can say is Thank God all that baby crap is behind me now – all the saintly condescension about not breastfeeding enough or too much, or not buying baby warmer wipes (I kid you not) or working, or having a life and being a mother. Or pain in the arse people telling me not to eat this or feed the kid that because they read in the Daily Mail that this survey said . . actually I can’t be bothered to finish that sentence. Thank God I don’t have to say to someone in a shop: ‘No thanks I don’t want to buy that mum and baby snugglie because I’m afraid it will make me look like an utter twat. And despite being a mother I care (occasionally) about looking like a human being and not a sci-fi twat.’ Somehow, only having teenage pregnancy, drugs and insane rudeness to contend with is a walk in the park in comparison . . . .

10 thoughts on “Ways of making mothers look ridiculous Part 255

  1. I have to admit, babywearing coats can be so bloody useful when it’s freezing cold and you can’t get your sling over the top of your normal coat. This, however, seems a particularly horrific example of the genre; it really does put you in mind of the Alien films!


  2. I know Ruth and I understand, having worn big fatty coats when my babies were little. It’s just that baby stuff manufacturers manage to come up with ever weirder devices all the time. You can get toilet locks in case your toddler falls down the loo now! (Have you ever heard of this happening? More likely you’ll come home drunk, and be unable to lift the toilet seat and end up weeing on the floor).


  3. Truly, that is really quite scary.Now… if someone could come up with a ‘snugglie’ that I could wear in winter, and my 2 dogs could get in there with me too, I’d be EVER so grateful.Ok, maybe not.


  4. Oh yeah the amount of stuff you believe you need when you have a baby… You know, I used to fill a flask up with just perfect temperature water every night to take upstairs in case Bertie needed changing… goodness I didn’t his pwecious ickle bum to be wiped with cold cotton wool! Now… to be honest if I can’t find a nappy wipe I just use bog roll!


  5. Kit, I think a doggie one would be quite appealing . . .Ruth, there’s that old expression I’m sure you’ve heard. With the first baby you sterilise the bottle, the second, you wash the bottle and with the third baby you just give the bottle to the dog to lick clean!


  6. I too cringed when I saw this ad. The scary thing is that mommies my age – especially the suburbia type, mid-30’s first kid and not yet disillusioned by their parenting theories – would consider this an incredibly smart investment. And undoubtedly they would think they look cute – just like baby and me jumpers. Egad.BTW, love your blog! I came across it from a link about how to patch jeans, to Editor Anonymous and here I am. Good luck w/ the parenting. All it takes is one good stiff drink at a time! šŸ™‚


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