Boy Bands

The Boy is off to see a band tonight called Enter Shikari. They sound like some kind of Thai starter to me. ‘Oooh I feel like a nice portion of Enter Shikari. With a side of crispy noodles.’ Enter Shikari? Did bands always have such wankily pretentious names? The other one was We Are The Ocean. And what – you are a puddle presumably?

‘So what songs do they write?’ I asked over eagerly. The Boy looked at me in disgust and left the room. Two minutes later he was back. ‘Can I borrow your hair straighteners?’

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2 Responses to Boy Bands

  1. Eric says:

    Hmm… The band name reminds me of mushrooms for some reason. Did they play in the dark?


  2. This makes me want to be a teenager all over again…


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