Hollywood is a funny old place

Kanye West interrupts the acceptance speech of Taylor Swift (no, me neither) and gets slammed by stern moral arbiters like Donald Trump. “He couldn’t care less about Beyonce – it was grandstanding to get attention,” thunders Trump, a noted champion of young pretty women. (For those of you with lives, Mr West bounded on stage to point out that while he thought Taylor deserved her award, Beyonce’s video was much better.) And as a result of this display of bad manners, petitions are being scribbled and we are being advised to boycott Kanye West’s music. On the other hand, when a fugitive child rapist is brought to book for his crime decades later, Hollywood gets up a petition to protect him. According to Whoopi Goldberg it’s not even “rape rape”. I’m speechless.

4 thoughts on “Hollywood is a funny old place

  1. I've thought about this long and hard and can think of nothing to excuse Whoopi's peculiar comment so I'm going to interrupt her with an award for you, Freelance Mum for 'integrity, commitment to excellence and for being stubbornly optimistic'. It's over at my place…


  2. @Helen, I know what you mean about trying to excuse Whoopi because I do like and admire her as an actress. But there are few things more depressing than female rape apologists. And she has a teenage daughter!


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