Prince William ‘affianced’ . . .world stifles yawn.

The Daily Mail today, took a break from what it does so well – latent misogyny loosely disguised as ‘research’ and suspicious looking foreigners (probably Benefit Thieves) receiving money for fussing about torture and illegal imprisonment – to announce minute-by-minute of the Engagement of William (he of the sadly receding hairline) and Katherine (nice looking girl but what does she do? Oooh quick Mr Dacre, didn’t you do a mean spirited piece about that mother of hers? Looks like the pushy type – a few years ago? Well they’re ENGAGED now so get rid of it.

So they’re engaged. And it looks like a ‘dream wedding’ for no-longer Waity Kaity. In the ever deepening nastiness of this recession (a friend remarked that he’s seriously thinking of telling his elder son to emigrate as there are going to be so few jobs around for young people starting out) us ordinary folk can doff our caps and cheer loudly as an attractive girl is sucked into that unpleasant archaic institution that like a bad tempered teenager, costs us a fortune to run and gives fuck all in return.

William and Katherine will be married next spring or summer – 2011, exactly 30 years since Lady/Princess Diana stood on the royal balcony and kissed that jug eared bloke, to roars of approval. I watched it on telly and tried to write an essay at the same time. I also watched astrologers twittering on about ‘how well suited they are’. But 1981 was also a time of deep recession, thanks partly to the deregulation of the Banks, the savings and loan crisis and nearly three million unemployed (that particular ‘record’ was achieved in January 1982) – thank you Mrs Thatcher and Mr Reagan. Notably Reagan is now viewed as some sort of cuddly bear who made Americans proud to be Americans, and Thatcher’s dismantling of Britain as some kind of gesture worthy of Elizabeth 1.

The Royal Wedding then in 1981 was a distraction – a brief one. And this will probably be a brief distraction too. I just wonder if our attitude towards it all has changed? Will we line Pall Mall doffing our caps? Or buy commemoration cups? Or this time will we just shrug?

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10 Responses to Prince William ‘affianced’ . . .world stifles yawn.

  1. Fran says:

    I just did a shrug to save myself the trouble of doing one on the day.


  2. Chapcustard says:

    Everytime I hear the phrase 'Future Queen' I get an image of a space age Danny La Rue in my head.Have you read Julie Birchill's commentary on this in the Independent? She MUST be on the payroll for the Daily Mash as well….


  3. Jane says:

    @Fran – now now. Doff that cap!@Chapcustard – (great name!) No I haven't read it but thanks for the heads up. Off to read it now!x


  4. Chapcustard says:

    Thanks! It's just seemed like the right name for me and the stuff I spout. Thanks for the follow too, I will endeavour not to disappoint….too much.


  5. Gillian says:

    Yep. Shrug. Been sucked into that whirlpool of hope, romance and sighs before with Diana and Chuck. I am already imagining the "Doomed from the start" headlines next to pictures of that ring which is so linked with something doomed beyond belief.Why wouldn't they reset it or put it into the tiara or something? It's ugly too. Poor Kate. I bet it's not the first time we say that.Australian "news" had a psychic predicting several children in the first few years of marriage. That was on Day One.


  6. Jane says:

    @Gillian – God those psychics eh? Always so wise after the event. And how incredible to 'predict' children after marriage. Funny that not one psychic predicted the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. You'd have thought the omens for that would have been pretty strong.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I think I may need to impose a media blackout for myself to avoid all the coverage – just felt like shouting at the TV with 'latest news' about where it will be held blah de blah de blah and then Cameron saying we need it to be a national holiday so we can all watch and celebrate…as if.


  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. C says:

    I just read this and totally thought of you: "Unemployed English Girl to Wed Soldier from Welfare Family"


  10. Jane says:

    @C that's brilliant! I've already noticed a book in the shops about their romance. That's REALLY depressing . . . .


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