Gillian’s Masterplan Fails – World Sniggers

I was phoned today at 7.20am by an earnest sounding young man from LBC. ‘We understand you have a teenage son,’ he said. ‘We wondered whether he would be taking part in the protests today about raising university fees.’ I thought of The Boy snoring in bed. ‘Only if the protests take place after 2pm,’ I said.

Now I know that the hike in fees is far more serious than my chosen subject, but I can’t help myself. We all know that any celeb who appears on I’m a Celebrity . . . does so to raise a shrinking profile, although what they usually say is ‘I want to show the public the real me!’ Alas, Gillian McKeith has done so in spades. Big goji berried aduki bean covered spades! She has shown herself to be a Victorian fainting maiden a salt sneaker and generally as mean spirited as she appears on those horrible programmes of hers.

I’ve got no sympathy for her. She shouts at fat people on television and gives them impossible, Calvinistic diets to follow, she attacks anyone who politely disagrees with her batshit theories,namely Professor John Garrow (a real trained doctor and Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of London) and even when Dr Ben Goldacre eviscerated her in The Guardian, she described it all as ‘lies’. All very good reasons to revel in a bit of schadenfreude. BUT, what amazes me is that Ms McKeith looks so pinched! So underfed! Apart from wanting to strangle her, you also want to feed her pies first. Or maybe that’s just me. I will say that if you get the face you deserve at 50, does Gillian really deserve to have the face of a freeze dried ferret?

Oh yes.

5 thoughts on “Gillian’s Masterplan Fails – World Sniggers

  1. I'm stuck in old Gouda – surely a gilded cage but for the fact that I can't come home because I have slipped a disc. Mislaid it, apparently. Anyway, your ferret comment made me laugh out loud (and that fricking hurt!). Busaba soon, say when I can sit without dribbling or going cross-eyed?


  2. @Doublemeasure – I'm sorry about your slipped disc but glad to have made you giggle. @Tay Talk – I have to say I'm sure there are smiley happy vegans out there but I've yet to meet one that DOESN'T look underfed. Happy to be corrected though. @Nic – I know it's not sisterly but I was amazed to hear that Nigella Lawson is only a few months younger than Ms McKeith! If that's what eating aduki beans and lentils does for you – pass the pie and mash!


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