Just once more . . . and some gossip

I was knocking up some chicken stock tonight. One of my favorite dishes is risotto – a simple lemon one and it helps if you’ve got great stock. Anyway as I bunged some onion and carrot onto the carcass – a series of rambled thought occured:

My mother lives on through her chicken stock
In lemony bones her essence is distilled.
And when I find a jar of her dark sticky marmalade
She is here
When irritation rises at The Girl just being her
And answering back because she’s clever
She is here
I linger by the coco pops and hear: There’s more nourishment in the box
My hair is hers – thick and lush on good days
Effing Mick Hucknell frizz bonnet on bad ones
She is there and there
And always here.

On another note altogether I heard on very good authority that two days ago, Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brookes were informed there was no room in The Ledbury or The River Cafe! To which the only mature response is well it can’t be as bad as being arrested. And if Ms Brookes gets sent to jail? How will she cope without Frizz Ease?*

*Only girls will get this.

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