5 thoughts on “Critical feedback is like wheatgrass. You know it’s good for you but it still tastes like shit.

  1. As you know, I'm in edit-like-a-loon phase and have others reading my work. I say 'others', but really they are nasty, spiteful, evil little toads.Well, that's how I see them for a day or so.And then the mists clear (a bit).I love your 'great truths' woman. My, wouldn't you just LOVE to have her as a relative…?


  2. @Kit – you could try TLC – the literary consultancy – they will read and report on your ms for a fee. I read stuff for them (children's books) and I know they are fair and know their stuff. They can also help with agents etc if they like your book. Yes the 'eternal truths' woman. She couldn't write because her head was so far up her arse anyway!


  3. I STILL pull a bit of a face if people don't immediately love what I did and think I am the funniest, cleverest thing on the planet. Anyone would think I was ten years old.The difference between my reaction NOW and back when I was ten is that I keep the name calling to a minimum and keep it in my head (and not push them over and flounce off). Well, you know, most of the time.


  4. Ooh, I remember submitting a radio play once, and it came back with feedback from one of their readers. Well, they slagged the thing off! A whole page of absolute venom. Now, I stuck two fingers up, and carried on writing (with not that much success), but some other poor person could have leapt out the window with these stinging comments. So I have mixed feelings about this


  5. @Gillian – I flounce and sulk in my head too. And slam doors. And plan elaborate revenge.@Jenny – I'm so sorry. That's horrible. And really unprofessional. Email me privately if you like and I'll try to help you.


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