Harvey Nichols walk of shame ad

Someone just asked me if I’d seen the Harvey Nicols ‘Walk of Shame’ advert in which several curvy girls in skimpy dresses are seen heading home in the cold early morning, clearly having Had Sex. The filthy trollops. Followed by a tall, skinny model with perfect makeup and expensive dress, walking with confidence and getting an admiring glance from the milkman.
What a nasty little ad. The ‘ordinary’ women are shot in a voyeuristic way, in cold grey light, pulling down their skirts, shoulders hunched, looking vulnerable. You can practically feel the collective lips of middle England pursing into a giant cat’s bum. Sluts. Whereas the rich skinny girl is bathed in a golden light and is heading towards a posh mansion block. Never mind that she might have spent the previous evening banging the entire City of London from end to end, her makeup and hair are perfect.
Shame on Harvey Nichols.

5 thoughts on “Harvey Nichols walk of shame ad

  1. @ I suppose the art of the 'walk of shame' is to have a big smile on your face so everyone knows you had a great time. What I hate about this ad is that the girls hunched posture and tugging down of skirt is supposed to send the message that they should be ashamed.@double – of course all this would be solved if they wore a Harvey Nicols coat! The poor girls must be freezing!


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