Dave Lee Travis and his cuddlesome nature.

Poor tactile and misunderstood Dave Lee Travis.  Accused of squeezing the breasts of a couple of women he says ruefully that “I think that sometimes, you know, us guys who are a bit older, who are, shall we say, tactile, which is not a terrible thing to be, in the old days you put your arm around somebody and gave them a little kiss or a cuddle.”

Like historian Adam Hart-Davis who was ‘stunned’ when he hugged a junior producer claiming he only touched her right shoulder, sadly adding that ‘for the young producer, ‘my hug must have seemed like an assault.’ Mr Hart Davis was even more shocked to hear that young female members of the production team were instructed not to stay at the same hotel as him because of inappropriate behaviour. 

“You have to be so careful” says DLT which effectively reduces women to screeching feminist harpies who are out to ‘get’ men or just so misguided they can’t see that a quick hug is just a friendly gesture.  So sad.  Such political correctness.  Such an indication of the times we live in 

Such Bollocks. 

Unless a man has serious mental health issues he knows that squeezing a woman’s breasts just because he feels entitled to, or shoving his tongue down her throat or groping her bottom is not being friendly or cuddlesome – it’s sexual assault and always has been.  Why is it that in the aftermath of the Savile scandal, hundreds of women have come forward to say that they were regularly groped or treated like playthings and expected to be flattered by it?  Not saying a word not because we didn’t know the difference between a hug and having our breasts squeezed or a hand shoved down the back of our jeans or bets over who was going to shag us first – but because nobody would take it seriously.  Furthermore, 99.9%  of women who put themselves through the ugly process of reporting a man in authority (and it’s nearly always a man in authority) for sexual assault do not mistake a friendly hug for assault.  They know the difference.  Always have.  And so do the men in question. 

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