New Tories: Coalition of Utter Nutjobs and Tory Sanctimony

Hypocrisy seems such an innocent word now. Given that Theresa May and her be-suited coven are now so desperate for power that they will get into bed with the DUP, a party with honkingly appalling views, (‘controversial’ I believe is the accepted journalistic term). Such nasty anti human views that you would surely imagine not even the woman at the head of a party described as a ‘monarchy run on regicide’ would have anything in common with the DUP.

But soft! Dig a little and they do. Oh they so do:


(Including abortion for rape victims because the ‘statistics are very low’.  Maybe because rape victims don’t report rape you utter cockweasels?  The statistics were also ‘very low’ for domestic violence until a sustained campaign by ‘feminazis’ proved beyond doubt that it existed in huge numbers)

Anti-gay and LGBT 

Stephen Crabb has thrown his very heterosexual hat into the leadership race by the way.  He was a member of the Christian Action Research and Education who believe in ‘anti-gay therapy’ ie sustained bullying of gay people.

Climate change deniers (they think it’s a ‘con’)

They are so right wing they make the Tories look like Blairites

They also believe that creationism should be taught in schools.

We’ve always known the Tories are appalling hypocrites as they constantly accused Jeremy Corbyn as consorting with terrorists and now they are trying to form a party with a whole bunch of them.

It’s like we’ve become a nation of Trump voters without actually voting for any of them!

At this rate Channel 5 will be showing the UK version of 19 Kids and Counting. Without irony.  And also hopefully without the bit about the eldest sexually abusing his own sisters (‘teenage mistakes’ say this ‘righteous’ christian family who also describe kissing your fiance as a ‘sin’.)  Oh and this same eldest also had an Ashley Madison account and cheated on his pregnant wife.  So then again, this peculiarly right wing hypocritical version of Christianity will fit right in the DUP and the Tories.

Proof in fact that the new Tories are indeed C.U.N.T.S


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