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First Confession

I’m an ex Catholic.  Catholicism is like herpes.  You can disavow it, shake it off, take strong medication, but it still pops up to remind you that you’re still Going to Hell. First time I felt guilty I was seven … Continue reading

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My sister and I once saw our dad chatting on the phone to his friend. Their conversation seemed to consist of a mental bodily scan of their combined ailments from the top down.  ‘How’s the auld liver?’  ‘Ah sure it’s … Continue reading

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Queuing for days to see a dentist

I came across a group of Americans who had queued for two days and nights to get some dental or eye care, in a pop up clinic in Appalachia.  The working poor, who can’t afford the health insurance for their … Continue reading

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Resting Granny Face

That moment where you see a really bad photo of yourself and think – oh my God do I really look that old/ugly/desiccated/ and the answer is a resounding, ego shattering ‘YES.’ My driving licence ran out and because I’m … Continue reading

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The liberal elite that Republicans are always bitching about will have no say in the US government over the next four years.  Trump won on fear and loathing.  You wanted it – you got it. 

In the opening scene of the movie Downfall, Bruno Ganz as Hitler is shown being kind to Traudl Junge, his new and terrified secretary.  It’s a brilliant scene, reminding us that Hitler the mass murdering monster was also a human … Continue reading

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Why are we more protective of daughters when our sons are far more likely to be victims of criminal violence?

It’s half term so my daughter (12) and a close friend of hers (13) are both staying with my boyfriend and I in Manchester.  The Girl suggested a trip into town with her friend – let’s call her Molly, and … Continue reading

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I know how you feel when your work is judged

To my students.  I know how you feel when your work is  judged This academic year I’m teaching the new Open University MA in Creative Writing.  I’m also doing some critical reading of the script materials.  And like thousands of … Continue reading

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