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Why are we more protective of daughters when our sons are far more likely to be victims of criminal violence?

It’s half term so my daughter (12) and a close friend of hers (13) are both staying with my boyfriend and I in Manchester.  The Girl suggested a trip into town with her friend – let’s call her Molly, and … Continue reading

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That awful moment when you realise you can’t protect your child from pain and failure

The girl comes home from school her lip trembling.  I ask her if she’s ok and she says she’s fine.  We talk about school for a minute, then I repeat my question.  She repeats her answer a little louder and … Continue reading

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99% of workplace stress down to worrying about childcare

SAYS WHO?  you might say.  Well says me.  Only three weeks ago I saw one of my work colleagues being ranted at by an ex-student because he wanted a meeting ‘NOW’ and she politely explained that she couldn’t as she … Continue reading

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World *Boak* Day

World Book Day 2011 Getting ready for work and on the phone to my sister about finding a suitable home for our rapidly deteriorating father. ‘I can’t talk now,’ I sigh.  ‘You can never talk,’ says my sister, quite reasonably. … Continue reading

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Childcare by Jenga

My son is twenty and my daughter is eleven. I only found out that my son is in Venice by sneaking a look at his Facebook page and noticing him in a gondola.  Still he appears to be having fun.  … Continue reading

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Crash helmets to protect you from life’s knocks

I’m talking to a friend about roller skates.  Not the carefully designed ergonomic ones of today, complete with full body padding accessories but the seriously dodgy ones of my youth.  Held onto the foot by a single strap of leather, … Continue reading

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Political Puffering and Barclays Bollocks

The wonderful JK Rowling continues her refusal to join the Rich People’s Club.  In a Gingerbread article, she says, ‘I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life.’  She remembers the … Continue reading

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Bad Sex

The Girl is nine.  Ex brings her home after a week’s holiday just in time for school.  Have you noticed?  Have I noticed what?  What? Apart from the fact she now has dreadlocks after spending approximately 150 hours a day … Continue reading

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When you can’t find your kid it’s the worst thing in the world

The Girl and I are staying with The Bear in a small village outside Manchester.  It’s the kind of place where after a couple of days, shop owners use your name and ask whether that nasty rash is any better. … Continue reading

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The Bear and The Princess

There was a letter in the Guardian recently – a woman who was wavering about moving her boyfriend in after he once shouted at her six year old son.   ‘He has a fiery temper’ she said, which sounds much … Continue reading

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