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My sister and I once saw our dad chatting on the phone to his friend. Their conversation seemed to consist of a mental bodily scan of their combined ailments from the top down.  ‘How’s the auld liver?’  ‘Ah sure it’s … Continue reading

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Queuing for days to see a dentist

I came across a group of Americans who had queued for two days and nights to get some dental or eye care, in a pop up clinic in Appalachia.  The working poor, who can’t afford the health insurance for their … Continue reading

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Things not to say to a person with Crohns or colitis

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Crohns.   It’s a new landscape and I’ve a lot to learn.  Like there are side-effects. To Crohns.  Not only do I have a condition – it has sucky side effects too!  Like mouth ulcers.  … Continue reading

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Ulcerative Colitis: Crippling pain, bleeding and crap jokes

The pain suddenly morphed into nausea and my mouth soured as I vomited copiously. Odd what goes through you head – I suddenly realised why I dislike those poncy ‘foams’ that are perched onto your food in post restaurants – they reminded me of when you have nothing left in your stomach but are still being sick. Continue reading

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