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Private healthcare features photos of people smiling for no apparent reason!

The site I’m looking at is Kaiser Permanente, so-called because you’ll be ‘permanentely’ bankrupt if you have to use them.  It’s the one you might not have heard much about because apart from The Guardian and The Mirror, the papers … Continue reading

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Things not to say to a person with Crohns or colitis

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Crohns.   It’s a new landscape and I’ve a lot to learn.  Like there are side-effects. To Crohns.  Not only do I have a condition – it has sucky side effects too!  Like mouth ulcers.  … Continue reading

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Ulcerative Colitis: Crippling pain, bleeding and crap jokes

The pain suddenly morphed into nausea and my mouth soured as I vomited copiously. Odd what goes through you head – I suddenly realised why I dislike those poncy ‘foams’ that are perched onto your food in post restaurants – they reminded me of when you have nothing left in your stomach but are still being sick. Continue reading

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