Friends divorcing? Shut up and listen

I have two good friends who are about to divorce.  I know one party better than the other, but I love them both and it turns my insides to acid thinking about it.  Even though I’ve been through it myself, I’m surprised. Even though I know you cannot tell a thing about a relationship from … Continue reading Friends divorcing? Shut up and listen

Be a hair model and get your barnet sorted for pennies.

We’ve all had one of those experiences at the hairdresser.  I’ve had two of them both when I was much younger and ridiculously concerned about being ‘nice’ (i.e. a walkover).  The first was in a ‘Vidal Sassoon’ training salon.  I asked for their advice about my long unruly hair and in the mirror I could … Continue reading Be a hair model and get your barnet sorted for pennies.

Political Puffering and Barclays Bollocks

The wonderful JK Rowling continues her refusal to join the Rich People's Club.  In a Gingerbread article, she says, 'I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life.'  She remembers the small kindnesses of some, such as the lady who allowed JK to bring her baby … Continue reading Political Puffering and Barclays Bollocks

When you can’t find your kid it’s the worst thing in the world

The Girl and I are staying with The Bear in a small village outside Manchester.  It's the kind of place where after a couple of days, shop owners use your name and ask whether that nasty rash is any better.  The weather is sunny and The Girl wants to walk to swimming lessons by herself. … Continue reading When you can’t find your kid it’s the worst thing in the world

Arguments with my Boyfriend

My boyfriend arrives on Friday evening with a bulging Waitrose bag.  He brings out delicious treaty things like oysters and liquefying stinky cheese and interesting wine just because.  He dumps an armful of clean scented lilies onto the counter and rummages for scissors to snip off the ends, stripping leaves so they don't rot in … Continue reading Arguments with my Boyfriend

My week with the boiler

The only real writing I've been doing recently is filling in large numbers on cheques.   Because as you know, dear reader, moving into a new place means peering into dark corners to find out where that strange clanking noise is coming from, or going red and saying: 'I don't know' when the Electrical Engineer … Continue reading My week with the boiler

I’m back! And with a Mallen Streak!

Does anyone remember The Mallen Streak?   Catherine Cookson meets vampiric white slug on the on the front of hair?  Sometimes it can look sexy as with Caitlin Moran or not as in the case of the bloke on the front cover of the Mallen book who looks like a cross between Michael Bolton and … Continue reading I’m back! And with a Mallen Streak!