Scrunchies are the work of Satan

Ugly Scrunchies. And now these hideous things are not only back, but you can buy designer ones.  From Balenciaga at a mere £145.   At a website called Ssense. As in more money than . . .  And how do we know it’s Balenciaga?  Because the name squashes onto the side of said cheap looking scrunchie so … Continue reading Scrunchies are the work of Satan

Bus stop Burgundy

The male hairdresser next to me who was busy primping and joshing his client laughed and said, ‘I call that Bustop Burgundy because I see so many elderly ladies with that awful colour.’ We then had a very cheering bitch about the fact that burgundy didn’t suit Cheryl Cole who is utterly gorgeous but not even she could make that colour look anything other than straight out of a box of Superdrug Mauve Mist or whatever they call it.