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Donald Trump: Are there any shocks left?

Donald Trump flies into Scotland today, his red hatted man of the people posturing at the ready.  He is on a whistlestop tour to open a golf course in Turnberry, henceforth to be known as Trump Turnberry. In 2010, Mr … Continue reading

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That awful moment when you realise you can’t protect your child from pain and failure

The girl comes home from school her lip trembling.  I ask her if she’s ok and she says she’s fine.  We talk about school for a minute, then I repeat my question.  She repeats her answer a little louder and … Continue reading

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Woman reported to police for not being sorry she had an abortion.

One of my earliest memories as a Catholic girl was the bi-yearly visit of The Society of the Protection of the Unborn Child.  In they would bustle, armed with large placards.  I remember mum glaring at me because I pointed … Continue reading

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World *Boak* Day

World Book Day 2011 Getting ready for work and on the phone to my sister about finding a suitable home for our rapidly deteriorating father. ‘I can’t talk now,’ I sigh.  ‘You can never talk,’ says my sister, quite reasonably. … Continue reading

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A plagiarism on both your houses

Remember Dr Raj Persaud?  He used to be on television, a reliable, medically qualified psychiatrist who could explain complex medical issues on the Richard and Judy sofa, without sounding patronising.  He also presented, All in the Mind on Radio 4.  Then, … Continue reading

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Sweary Sex Row and other Holiday Conflicts

Surprise!  Holidays can lead to rows, mainly due to expectations.  Of what – having a nice time?  Or the gap between hope and expectation.   What do couples on holiday row about?  The same stuff they row about at home – … Continue reading

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Cherishing all the children, one unmarked grave at a time

Cherishing all the children, one unmarked grave at a time.

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