Radio 4 Series

The Righteous Sisters

Directed by Jonquil Panting

Five part Woman’s Hour series about the true life adventures of Ida Cook, Mills & Boon writer, and with her sister, Louise, an opera fan.  The sisters due to their travels in Germany and Austria became aware of the Nazi persecution of the Jews and began to smuggle them out, arranging for visas and refuge in England.  They saved 29 people and were named in 1963 as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

Cooking for Michael Collins

Directed by Chris Wallis

Five part Woman’s Hour series about the real life adventures of Maire (Pidgie) Rigney, cook, spy and gunrunner for the Irish activist Michael Collins.  It starred the entire Cusack clan and Sorcha was very gracious about being referred to by the announcer as ‘Scorcher.’  You can read a review of it here and here.

43 Years in the Third Form

Directed by Chris Wallis

Five part Woman’s Hour series about the history of girl’s comics, from Girl (edited by Chad Varah who went on the found The Samaritans) all the way through to Bunty which eventually folded in 2001.  The Four Mary’s were still in the comic 43  years after Bunty first opened, hence the title.  Scroll down the page to a Telegraph review

Single Plays

The Indian in the Cupboard

Directed by Chris Wallis

An adaptation of the famous children’s book by Lynne Reid Banks.   Omri puts a tiny plastic Indian into a cupboard and discovers the next day, he has come to life.

The Eggy Doylers

Directed by Jonquil Panting

Ralph Ineson starred as Peter Gunn a child hating PE teacher on a school trip from hell.  In those heady days of 1979 before the National Curriculum, lesson plans or risk assessment forms, Peter finds himself leading a school biology field trip which veers a long way from the straight and narrow educational path.

Beryl Du Jour

Directed by Chris Wallis

Fed up with getting presents like blood pressure monitors and footbaths, Beryl decides to put her sexy voice to good use and joins a very special kind of agency.

My Yoga Hell

Directed by Mohit Bakaya for Radio 3


The Way it Is

Directed by Anil Gupta

Additional topical material


Directed by Chris Wallis

48 part comedy for children BBC 7


Perfect Night by Peter Grimsdale

Woman with Birthmark by Hakkan Nesser

Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle


Smack the Pony

Directed by Victoria Pile for Channel 4

Additional material (Here’s one of my favorite sketches.  Quite by chance – written by me)

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